Supply chain management

At CIMAC, we develop cutting-edge tools for defining and managing the requirements established by the target group for the product and its components all along the production chain.

Technology check-up

Do you want to test your products, production processes, marketing claims?                    At CIMAC, we translate product requirement information into useful tools for internal communication and opportunities for marketing and sales.                                                    We help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of a product or production process and assess whether a supplier is capable of guaranteeing the required level of quality.

Verification and validation services

Want to improve customer fidelity? Want to improve your brand credibility and product quality? We offer you a vast range of validation services for assessing and confirming the principal features of your product, the benefits of its performance, and your commitment to sustainability.

Technical training courses

You simply cannot properly design, manufacture and sell a safe, legally compliant product without being aware of the applicable standards. We offer training programmes supplying your specialised staff with all the technical know-how they need to support development of your products.